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Unleash Your Potential

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Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Social, and Cultural

Our counseling approach is holistic and collaborative.

You learn and gain the skills you need to  "Do Life Better." 

We assist in understanding, clarifying, and making connections with

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes, behaviors, and environment

all of which influence 

Self-awareness, Relationships, Work-life, Academia, Business, and Societal Experience. 

We offer a comfortable and supportive environment.

Connecting 7 Core Concepts of Good Mental and Physical Health

for Mental Grit and Personal Effectiveness

As you navigate through Stages of Life.

Everything Begins in the Mind


Changes, Challenges, and Transitions occur moment by moment daily in our 

Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Social, and Cultural Being 

On a personal and professional level.  

 It is important to understand that every person is unique, 

Each on a different journey, each experiencing the world as they are, 

not as the world is...

We are excited about everyone's Unique image, carbon footprint, and potential. 

At UniqueU Counseling,

We learn and develop together thelp you make positive changes

That creates everlasting peace, joy, and success

On your personal, academic, and professional journey.

Unleash Your Potential,


Learn more about counseling what it is, what it is not, and how it can help you.

Private insurance and self-pay options available for individuals, marriages, and organizations.

Identifying your unique strengths through integrated counseling.

Contact us to learn more about UniqueU counseling, or to schedule a FREE consultation or appointment.



Are you living or just existing, going through the motions?

Not ACTING, but REACTING, and being ACTED upon.

You have to know who you are



What you Think, Feel,  Need, and Want in Life.

 Live with


 by Transforming, Renewing, Monitoring, and Managing,  

 "Your Mind" 

Don't Let External Forces Determine Internal Choices.

Connecting Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Social, and Cultural Well-being

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