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Connecting Thoughts, Feelings, Attitudes, and Actions.

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What Counseling "Is" and What Counseling "Is NOT"

  • We believe integrated counseling approaches are most effective for self-understanding. This allows individuals to adopt new attitudes, feelings, and behaviors towards relationships and life's most important and challenging situations. 

  • It is essential to keep in mind that counseling is not an aspirin, quick fix, or bandaid approach to Doing Life.

  • Counseling is a self-discovery process that necessitates participation and investment from the individual.

  • Counseling entails collaboration and mentalizing which helps us internalize and make thinking, feeling, and behaving adjustments.

  • UniqueU Counseling begins with the end in mind. We assist you with making changes to negative thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and environments.

  • Counseling helps in identifying the big picture, understanding the details, and reaching the goal. 

  • Counseling helps identify strengths and weaknesses as you begin managing day-to-day issues such as fear, anger, worry, anxiety, feelings of sadness, pain, insecurities, low self-worth, and traumatic experiences. 

  • Counseling is a process that does not take shortcuts but helps in finding your path in doing your life.

  • Counseling can help in detecting and identifying what is peace, everlasting joy, happiness, and success.

  • Counseling is proactive, intentional, and can help in gaining self-knowledge, as well as understanding family dynamics, work distress, and other important relationships.

  • Counseling can be effective 

       in organizations with diverse     

       employees. Research has

       shown the most effective

       leadership styles for cultural

       competence, staff unity, change

       initiatives, and work-life


  • Overall, counseling can bring life-altering results personally, academically, and professionally.


Listen To Counsel and Accept Discipline,

That You May Be WISE

The Rest of Your Days. 


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