Begin with the End in Mind.

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Relationship Development, Protection, Vitality, and Longevity

Pre -Marriage

Pre-Marriage/Engagement is not only about planning the wedding and honeymoon. It is about being aware, asking questions, observation, and intentionally planning

a new life and space together. 



If you’re looking for quality 

Pre-Marriage/Engagement Counseling

with a Certified Professional who is passionate and who cares,

then you’ve come to the right place.

We guide our couples every step of the way and use integrated approaches "before" marriage to assist couples in developing new attitudes and adjusting behaviors "before" marriage's most complex matters. 

It's about asking questions and getting answers to what matters most.

It's about communication and

the meeting of

both minds.

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and learn how we can assist you.


Marriage is a Contract  

Built on love, and is strengthened by "Trust."

Marriage is the meeting of both minds.

If you’re looking for quality Marriage Counseling with a Certified Professional with passion and one who cares,

then you’ve come to the right place.

We guide our married couples every step of the way and use integrated approaches during marriage to assist them with understanding the husband-wife dyad, 

and the importance of We.  

Marriage should be Win-Win.

If both people are not winning then both are losing.

It's about Love, Meeting of Minds, Trust, Respect, and Unity

We assist with marriage's most complex matters. 

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learn how we can assist you.


So A man

Will Leave His Father And Mother

And Be United With His Wife,

And The Two Will Become One Body.


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