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 TALK and WALK  

Being Active Increases Mental and Physical Strength

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"Talking and Walking  Helps Connect Mind, Body, and Spirit

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Have a particular life obstacle you’re trying to overcome?

Sometimes movement enriches the counseling

session and helps put things into perspective.

As committed and caring, Counselors in Las Vegas,

your mental and physical well-being is our priority.

We are happy to guide clients through life’s mental,

spiritual, emotional, social, and physical challenges with attention and care, people deserve.

Schedule a free phone consultation or appointment today.

Learn how we can help


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  • It encourages more mental and physical activity.

  • It helps with confronting difficult issues.

  • It helps release creative and deeper ways of thinking. 

  • It helps improve mood. 

  • It burns calories and strengthens muscles.

  • It is a good weight-bearing exercise.

  • It helps with balance (mentally and physically.)

  • It helps with learning, expressing, and physical activity.


Talking Outside The Box

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