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Empowering Individuals, Marriages, and Families

Unleash Your Potential

Candi S. Jefferson, MS, CPC-I

The creator of UniqueU Counseling is a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Intern (CPC-I). She earned degrees from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a minor in Marriage and Family Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Human Services Counseling. 

Candi's counseling's approach is focused on mental, spiritual, and physical grit; She can help with self-understanding, self-healing, self-control, self-care and other relationships. She emphasizes self-knowledge, mental strength, truth, reason and logic, principles, and problem-solving. Candi has specialized training in Christian Counseling, Culture Competence,  and Organizational Leadership with a emphasis in Behavioral Health. Candi believes counseling begins with inside-out momentum and begins with the end goal in mind. Each session is tailored to an individual's desires, beliefs, values, life experience, and world view.

Candi was born in Southern California, has lived in several regions of the United States - coastal, northeastern, and south-central, and now calls Nevada home for the last 20 years. Candi's mission in life is to seek the truth while being intentional, humble, compassionate, mindful, empathetic, sensitive and patient.

"I AM Dedicated, Disciplined, and Determined"

Let's talk and build a professional and friendly connection. 


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